Relocation management

Green King offers to take care of bureaucratic requirements and all logistic issues where a company intends to relocate their employees and their families in Italy. Services offered include:

  • processing visa applications, residence permit, work authorisation, etc.;
  • finding accommodation for employees and their families;
  • assistance in fulfilling all bureaucratic requirements for residence in Italy;
  • utilities connection and assistance in drafting relevant contracts;
  • finding a school for the employee’s children;
  • enrolment in the Italian National Health System (SSN);
  • Italian language and culture courses;
  • assistance when opening bank accounts in Italy.

Personalized concierge for international transfers

Green King offers advice and services based on an administrative and logistic point of view, to all matters related to the international transfer of companies and people. Services offered include:

  • residence permit for work reasons, family reasons, or for elective residence;
  • fulfillment of all bureaucratic requirements for International transfers;
  • finding of accommodation for short or long periods of stay;
  • finding of real estate properties for companies and individuals;
  • utilities connection and drafting of relevant contracts;
  • incorporation of companies or branch offices;
  • representative offices with a virtual secretary;
  • pick-up services with dedicated driver;
  • personalised legal assistance.

International business investment advice

Thanks to the collaboration with specialised business lawyers, Green King is legally able to advise clients in Italy or abroad about interesting and suitable investment opportunities in real estate, business investment and/or finance. Services offered relate to all legal and logistical aspects of this activity including:

  • legal assistance;
  • advice in the negotiation and drafting of contracts;
  • assistance with all the bureaucratic requirements;
  • assistance for the compliance of all custom obligations.

International business matching


Green King, in partnership with international business lawyers, is able to offer international business matching services in order to help both Italian or foreign companies wishing to expand into new markets. Services offered include:

  • finding International business partners;
  • arranging the first meeting between companies;
  • assisting the drafting of International partnership agreements;
  • logistic management of the partnership relation (fulfilling the bureaucratic requirements, supporting the management of goods shipment, managing custom obligations).

Real estate

Green King offers to represent international clients seeking real estate in Italy as a future asset, a potential investment or as a significant business need. This society applies depth and quality of expertise relating to finance and the selling and purchasing of land or property. Professional and reliable service for the drafting of real estate contracts. Specifically:

  • Preliminary purchase contracts;
  • Option agreements;
  • Irrevocable promise (to sell and/or purchase);
  • Leases of a company and/ or branch of a company;
  • Preliminary contracts to exchange real estate (property with property, property with land and land with building to be constructed).

Furthermore Green King provides advice and continuous legal assistance throughout the process of buying a property where the property is subject to sale in execution or for properties already up for sale by way of public auctions.